Friday’s Holdings Tax Declaration does not exist – Provincial Assessor

Breaking news by Newsmeph The Provincial Assessor of Aklan has issued a certification that the Tax Declaration Document numbered 2014-12-003-01-01441 of Fridays’s Holdings Inc./FHI cla…

Source: Friday’s Holdings Tax Declaration does not exist – Provincial Assessor


Friday’s Holdings Tax Declaration does not exist – Provincial Assessor


Breaking news by Newsmeph

The Provincial Assessor of Aklan has issued a certification that the Tax Declaration Document numbered 2014-12-003-01-01441 of Fridays’s Holdings Inc./FHI claiming the lot of Mila Sumndad  does not exist.

Documents came to light during the Auction in Quezon City where Friday’s Holdings Inc. presented it to bolster their claim.  Upon checking and verification with the Provincial Assessor of Aklan, a certification was issued by the said office that the said tax declaration does not exist and that the property is lawfully registered under the name of Mila Sumndad.

Competing claims have been made by Panlilio owned Boulevard Holding’s Inc. which owns Friday’s Holdings Inc. which in turn operates Friday’s Boracay Beach Resort.  The resort is located partly on the property of Mila Sumndad.

According to Sumndad, this vindicates me and my claim that the property is truly mine and this cannot be disputed. It is only by the use of money that BHI/FHI is able to sustain their claim to my land.

While the Court in Quezon City stopped the auction proceedings because of the pending cases where BHI and FHI are claiming ownership of the property, Mila Sumndad said that the Court also ordered both parties to show their respective certified documents.  BHI and FHI were unable to present any certified true copy of their documents. In fact it was the Provincial Assessor of Aklan who said that their Tax Declaration is non-existent further bolstering claims and reports of forgery on the part of BHI and FHI said Sumndad.

I have in turn filed a libel case against Jose Marcel Panlilio for insulting the name of my family in the news reports he has released.  It is time that Panlilio pay for the very unfounded public accusations and his made up fairy tales to the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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Philippines can mediate between US and China

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Manila Philippines – Former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos recently stated that the Philippines was in a very unique position now to be the mediator between the US and China because of our cultural ties. We should take care of our advantage of being in between the US and China.  It is a great advantage that we can even prevent any shooting war.

Recent pronouncements by both China and the United States have been hardening where the risk of miscalculation could lead to an unavoidable military engagement.  The United States has clearly stated that it will ensure freedom of navigation within the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea. President Obama recently announced that the United States supports the Philippines in the peaceful resolution of conflicts and its case in the Hague.  China on the other hand continued to proclaim its absolute sovereignty in the South China Sea and has repeatedly stated that China is within its rights to develop their outcrops and areas in their actual control.

Pronouncements made by Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte may have disturbed some US officials when he stated that the Philippines cannot go against China and that it was the US fault that China has been able to develop its outposts there. Duterte said that if he becomes President he will not go into a shooting war with China.

ASEAN Foreign Ministers as well British, Australian and Japanese governments have raised concerns about the actions of China in the South China Sea.  The United States have responded by sending a small fleet of combat ships to the area and ensure the safety of fishermen from all claimant nations against China.

For his part, President Benigno Aquino III has always stressed the Philippines stand that it will abide by the arbitration process under the UNCLOS.

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QC Court decision temporary says Boracay landowner

Quezon City RTC Presiding Judge Edgardo B. Bellosillo of Branch 95 has stopped the auction of the property of Mila Sumndad.

In his decision, the honorable judge acknowledged the presence of the Court of Appeals ruling and the current case being held in Makati RTC 146 which issued an injunction order pending resolution of the issue of ownership.

“It is undisputed that the property which is the subject of the sheriff’s sale is also the subject of a pending case in Makati City Regional Trial Court where the injunctive order of the Court of Appeals is the subject of a pending petition before the Supreme Court. For this Court to allow the Sheriff’s Sale to proceed as scheduled on March 7, 2016, would render moot and academic whatever outcome of the pending petition in the Supreme Court.”

Mila Sumndad said she was saddened of the decision simply because she is the true owner of the property, but also said that at least the Judge recognized the Court of Appeals order and the current trial being conducted at the Makati RTC 146 which BHI has always denied in its reports.

“Na ignore ng Judge yung certification issued by the Provincial Assessor that the Tax Declaration of Friday’s does not exist, it is Fake, and that it was issued without his knowledge by the Aklan Municipal Assesor. I still hold the only and true tax declaration covering the property being claimed by BHI.”

Sumndad also asserted that at least the QC Court acknowledged the Court of Appeals order whereas the Aklan Courts did not which resulted in my loosing possession of the property. “inamin nga ni Panlilio na nagbabayad siya sa mga lawyers at Pulis in his news reports and PSE disclosures eh!”

Sumndad said she inherited the property from her parents who had entered into a long term 25 year lease with William Lutrell, the Australian who created Friday’s Boracay. The lease ended in February 14, 2014 so we took back what was rightfully ours according to Sumndad.  Panlilio who entered the picture the same year Lutrell was murdered in 1994, did not want to let go of the property so he filed cases against me.- Sumndad added.

Multiple cases have been filed by each party resulting in a protracted media war. “Panlilio initiated all of this in media, sumasagot lang ako dahil unfair naman na side lang niya ang naririnig ng tao. Kami yung aggrieved party being the landowners. Yung ibang news media fair naman pero yung mas marami eh misleading.” Sumndad further added that Panlilio has been including many prominent people in his announcements like Congressman Haresco, Congressman Singson and most recently the owner of AMA Colleges just to make them come out in the news.

The Court said: “All Premises being considered the Court resolves to suspend the scheduled Sheriff’s Sale on Monday, March 7, 2016 in deference to whatever the outcome of the pending petition at the Supreme Court.”

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All Go for Poe candidacy -SC

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Manila – The Supreme Court of the Philippines, voting 9-6 has paved the way for Grace Poe’s Presidential candidacy. This was announced by Supreme Court spokesperson Teodoro Te in media.

Cases were filed in the COMELEC questioning the eligibility of the Senator to seek the highest office of the land.  The cases were divided into to two: 1) the question of foundlings being citizens of the Philippines and 2) if the Senator had met the residency requirements.

The COMELEC decided against Senator Grace Poe who thereafter elevated the matter of the issues.  The Supreme Court issued a TRO against the COMELEC on the issue prompting the COMELEC to include her name in the printing of Smartmatic election ballots.

The Supreme Court consolidated all the complaints and heard oral arguments on the matter.  Senator Poe on the other hand, being a Government Official was represented by the Solicitor General of the Philippines in this landmark case.

Solicitor General Florence Hilbay in his arguments said that foundlings are an insular minority entitled to their fundamental political rights.  He also said that Poe reacquired her natural-born Philippine citizenship when she availed of repatriation under Republic Act 9225 and that she validly renounced her US citizenship.

Senator Poe likewise hurdled a previous complaint filed with the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) requesting her removal from the position of Senator for the same reasons as filed in the Supreme Court case.

Nine SC Justices voted in favor of Poe were Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Associate Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr., Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Jose Perez, Jose Mendoza, Marvic Leonen, Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa, and Francis Jardeleza. Majority of whom are Aquino appointees.

Campaign organizers of Poe were elated and said: “It’s all go for Poe!”

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‘We fish therefore we own’ says China official over South China Sea dispute


BEIJING, March 7 — China’s fishermen operating in the South China Sea give proof of the country’s maritime rights and interests, a government official said today, referring to ships on the frontlines of China’s push to assert its claims in disputed waters.

China has come under fire from the United States and its allies in recent months over its land reclamation activities in the South China Sea’s disputed Spratly archipelago.

Beijing claims almost all of the South China Sea, through which US$5 trillion (RM20.47 trillion) in ship-borne trade passes annually, but Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have overlapping claims.


Luo Baoming, the Communist Party boss of the southern island province of Hainan, made the comments during the annual session of China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC).

“If it can be said that that we want to safeguard China’s rights and interest in the South China Sea, fishermen, because they have been living and surviving on fishing for the past thousand years, have been proof of our rights and interests,” Luo said, in response to a Reuters question.

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IPO Philippines negates Tides Boracay name & logo

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Manila – The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines has acted on a protest of Viceroy Hotel Group, owner of world reknowned Miami South Beach Hotel, The Tides against a luxury hotel in Boracay with the same name that opened in 2007.

The IPO ordered the cancellation of the Boracay Hotels trademark application for its name and logo which Viceroy Hotel Group found to be similar to its own patented business trademark.

Viceroy Hotel Group successfully showed that the local hotel infringed on its trademark and could not have invented by coincidence the exact trademark name and design being used by their brand for over 80 years.  VHG additionally implied that the local hotel has been using the name and logo sowing confusion as to its relation with their hotel in Miami.

An IPO official who refused to be identified stated that there was a clear infringement when their attention was called to the matter.  The operators of The Tides Boracay wanted to register the name as a trademark and when we did our reviews found the VHG opposition.

The same official noted that it is up to VHG to file the charges in court, as for the IPO, it has cancelled the application.

The Tides Boracay may have to rebrand and change its name according to an Advertising Executive as it clearly bore the same similarities to the VHG Brand.  “The Tides Boracay and its Ad Agency or Design Group could be held accountable for the Brand infringement as the hotel would then suffer from business losses in a costly rebranding process. If there was no Advertising Agency involved, the owner could be held liable for trademark infringement and be taken to court.”- he added.

He added that as an immediate effect, the hotel would have to change it’s name which in turn affects its website, its marketing & booking activities online and offline, its overall reputation among the customers and the community and its bottom line.  Overall, it is a losing proposition and it is like opening a new hotel and starting from scratch.

Boracay being an international destination has been the constant focus of international hotel operators as a destination for setting up shop. The case may have been a result of VHG taking the initial steps of securing their Brands and Trademarks in the Philippines before actually building.

The Tides Boracay may appeal the findings, but according to the IPO official, VHG has shown its merit through its arguments and any appeal would be an uphill climb.

Viceroy Hotel Group is half owned by the Abu Dhabi Government and owns and operate The Tides hotel in South Beach Miami, Cassa NY Hotel in New York City, Hotel Zeppelin in San Francisco, Viceroy Central Park among others.

As of this reporting, The Tides Boracay could not be contacted at the indicated numbers provided in their website.

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Email inventor dies @ 74

Raymond Tomlinson, the inventor of modern day email has passed away at age 74.  Tomlinson is credited for attaching the iconic “@” to his message and using it to send messages through ARPANET.

ARPANET was a computer network developed for US government use and is considered the foundation of the internet as we know it today. Tomlinson invented a program, CPYNET, that would allow file transfers between computers and complimented this with another program SNDMSG within the ARPANET system in 1971.

The combined program was revolutionary as it allowed sending messages from one user to another on different computers and made an impact on how people communicate today and business is conducted. Tomlinson revolutionized person-to-person contact with his invention and stands high among tech pioneers and giants like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.


Messages from all over the world have poured out after news of Tomlinson’s passing. Techies from all over the world have expressed sadness in twitter and online outlets.

Among the awards he has received for his pioneering work are the George R Stibitz computer pioneer award from the American Computer Museum, Webby Award from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science, Innovation award from the Discovery Magazine and the Eduard-Rhein Cultural Award, MOMA’s department of Architecture & design credits for the use of the @ symbol and acknowledged pioneer in the Internet Hall of Fame.

Tomlinson was known as a very selfless individual who shared his knowledge among peers. In fact instead of starting his own company, Tomlinson stayed with Raytheon Company’s Cambridge Massachusetts office.

Raytheon spokesperson Mike Doble acknowledged Tomlinson’s global contribution: “A true technology pioneer, he brought us email in the early days of networked computers. His work changed the way the world communicates and yet, for all his accomplishments, he stayed humble, kind and generous with his time and talents.”

According to Joyce Kuzman another Raytheon spokesperson: ” Ray was never addicted to email!” Tomlinson says he created email because “it seemed like a neat idea.”

Tomlinson is a native son of Amsterdam New York born in October 2, 1941, an adopted son of Cambridge Massachusettes. He studied at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and MIT.

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The Founder of Email, Ray Tomlinson, Dies




UPDATE: German fugitive dies in Boracay

German fugitive Dr. Rudolf Stolz was found alive after jumping of a cliff in Boracay. But later on died in hospital due to injuries he sustained.

The 66 year old German was wanted by the Interpol and was served a deportation notice by Immigration Agent Rodrigo Oamil.  It was reported earlier that Stolz shot the BID Agent in the chest and fled the scene of the incident, his Manoc Manoc residence in Boracay, Aklan.

A subsequent chase by Boracay Police ended in the German fugitive jumping off a high cliff in Boracay.

BID Agent Oamil is recovering from wounds sustained from the shooting. The German Embassy is now aware of the situation.

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Boracay land row heats up

By The Standard

ONE of Boracay Island’s first settler-families warned the public, particularly local and foreign investors, against any ownership claim on the popular Friday’s Boracay Island Resort because the matter is still being determined by the court.

Landowner Mila Yap-Sumndad challenged the claim of Boulevard Holdings Inc. (BHI), owned by the Panlilio family of Silahis International Hotel fame, that it owns the land on which Friday’s Resort Boracay stands.

“The claim by Boulevard Holdings Inc. that it owns the land on which Friday’s Resort Boracay is wrong and erroneous,” she said, adding that the case is still being heard by the court.

“I inherited the parcel of land from my father and mother and when the lease ended in Feb. 14, 2014, we just took back what was rightfully ours,” Sumndad said, adding that BHI and Friday’s Holdings Inc. are supposedly trying to grab a part of the 1,447-square-meter beachfront property.

The claim of BHI and Friday’s Holdings Inc. is based on a Makati RTC decision early in 2014 that the Court of Appeals stopped in December of the same year.

“The truth is the Court of Appeals ordered the Makati RTC to conduct a retrial because of the evidence discarded by the lower court,” Sumndad said, complaining that she is being made to appear like a landgrabber when she is just a landowner trying to protect her property… MORE ON THIS STORY FROM THE STANDARD (Click link below)

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