QC Court decision temporary says Boracay landowner

Quezon City RTC Presiding Judge Edgardo B. Bellosillo of Branch 95 has stopped the auction of the property of Mila Sumndad.

In his decision, the honorable judge acknowledged the presence of the Court of Appeals ruling and the current case being held in Makati RTC 146 which issued an injunction order pending resolution of the issue of ownership.

“It is undisputed that the property which is the subject of the sheriff’s sale is also the subject of a pending case in Makati City Regional Trial Court where the injunctive order of the Court of Appeals is the subject of a pending petition before the Supreme Court. For this Court to allow the Sheriff’s Sale to proceed as scheduled on March 7, 2016, would render moot and academic whatever outcome of the pending petition in the Supreme Court.”

Mila Sumndad said she was saddened of the decision simply because she is the true owner of the property, but also said that at least the Judge recognized the Court of Appeals order and the current trial being conducted at the Makati RTC 146 which BHI has always denied in its reports.

“Na ignore ng Judge yung certification issued by the Provincial Assessor that the Tax Declaration of Friday’s does not exist, it is Fake, and that it was issued without his knowledge by the Aklan Municipal Assesor. I still hold the only and true tax declaration covering the property being claimed by BHI.”

Sumndad also asserted that at least the QC Court acknowledged the Court of Appeals order whereas the Aklan Courts did not which resulted in my loosing possession of the property. “inamin nga ni Panlilio na nagbabayad siya sa mga lawyers at Pulis in his news reports and PSE disclosures eh!”

Sumndad said she inherited the property from her parents who had entered into a long term 25 year lease with William Lutrell, the Australian who created Friday’s Boracay. The lease ended in February 14, 2014 so we took back what was rightfully ours according to Sumndad.  Panlilio who entered the picture the same year Lutrell was murdered in 1994, did not want to let go of the property so he filed cases against me.- Sumndad added.

Multiple cases have been filed by each party resulting in a protracted media war. “Panlilio initiated all of this in media, sumasagot lang ako dahil unfair naman na side lang niya ang naririnig ng tao. Kami yung aggrieved party being the landowners. Yung ibang news media fair naman pero yung mas marami eh misleading.” Sumndad further added that Panlilio has been including many prominent people in his announcements like Congressman Haresco, Congressman Singson and most recently the owner of AMA Colleges just to make them come out in the news.

The Court said: “All Premises being considered the Court resolves to suspend the scheduled Sheriff’s Sale on Monday, March 7, 2016 in deference to whatever the outcome of the pending petition at the Supreme Court.”

This news has been verified by Newsmeph. See our earlier coverage and links on this issue.




One comment

  1. Assessor Raymundo Salazar · March 23, 2016

    Landgrabber talaga yang mga Panlilio. Kahit dito sa Cavite dami nila nanakaw na lupa kasabwat mga pulitiko. Mga cronies sila ni Macoy dati


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