Friday’s Holdings Tax Declaration does not exist – Provincial Assessor


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The Provincial Assessor of Aklan has issued a certification that the Tax Declaration Document numbered 2014-12-003-01-01441 of Fridays’s Holdings Inc./FHI claiming the lot of Mila Sumndad  does not exist.

Documents came to light during the Auction in Quezon City where Friday’s Holdings Inc. presented it to bolster their claim.  Upon checking and verification with the Provincial Assessor of Aklan, a certification was issued by the said office that the said tax declaration does not exist and that the property is lawfully registered under the name of Mila Sumndad.

Competing claims have been made by Panlilio owned Boulevard Holding’s Inc. which owns Friday’s Holdings Inc. which in turn operates Friday’s Boracay Beach Resort.  The resort is located partly on the property of Mila Sumndad.

According to Sumndad, this vindicates me and my claim that the property is truly mine and this cannot be disputed. It is only by the use of money that BHI/FHI is able to sustain their claim to my land.

While the Court in Quezon City stopped the auction proceedings because of the pending cases where BHI and FHI are claiming ownership of the property, Mila Sumndad said that the Court also ordered both parties to show their respective certified documents.  BHI and FHI were unable to present any certified true copy of their documents. In fact it was the Provincial Assessor of Aklan who said that their Tax Declaration is non-existent further bolstering claims and reports of forgery on the part of BHI and FHI said Sumndad.

I have in turn filed a libel case against Jose Marcel Panlilio for insulting the name of my family in the news reports he has released.  It is time that Panlilio pay for the very unfounded public accusations and his made up fairy tales to the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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  2. Mia · March 23, 2016

    Kapal ng mukha mg mga Panlilio. GAHAMAN!


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