Bureau of Immigration Agent Shot by German Fugitive in Boracay Island, Aklan


BORACAY ISLAND, Aklan, Philippines – An agent of the Bureau of Immigration has been shot by a German fugitive on Boracay Island.

Rudolf Wilhelm Stolz, a German national, and wanted fugitive, was about to be served a Warrant of Deportation by 4Bureau of Immigration agents when Stolz shot one of the agents.

Stolz is currently listed on INTERPOL’s ‘Red Notice’.

The shooting incident happened at 12:40 p.m. at March 3rd in Sitio Sugod, Barangay Manocmanoc, Boracay Island,Malay, Aklan.

Stolz is said to have resisted arrest, he shot and wounded the BI agent, hitting him in his upper right chest.

The BI agent has not been named in this incident, but has been listed as stable by attending physicians.

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Bureau of Immigration Agent Shot by German Fugitive in Boracay Island, Aklan

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BRP Tagbanua of the Philippine Navy on a logistics resupply run

BRP Tagbanua of the Philippine Navy on a logistics resupply run

Philippine Navy troop transport and re-supply operations in the vicinity of Hasa-hasa (Half Moon) Shoal was harassed by Chinese naval and maritime surveillance ships.

According to information obtained by The STAR, BRP Laguna was sailing from Rizal Reef to Lawak Island when five Chinese vessels appeared and made hostile maneuvers before midnight of Feb. 5 up to dawn of Feb. 6.

Aside from the two gray ships and three white Chinese ships, two Chinese helicopters also hovered over the BRP Laguna,” said an informed source.

“The captain ordered the shutting down of lights inside the ship and nobody was allowed among us aboard to use flashlights even if we needed to go to the comfort room,” one of the passengers of the Navy ship said.

The Chinese vessels later dropped anchor not far from the mooring area of BRP Laguna in the vicinity of Pag-asa Island.

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FAKE Friday’s Boracay Tax Declaration documents presented

Manila Philippines – Mila Sumndad the owner of the property where Friday’s Boracay Beach Resort (FBBR) is situated said that the documents being presented by Friday’s Holdings Inc.(FHI), the operator of Friday’s are bogus.

Sumndad said that there are no land titles in Boracay and that only original settlers have Tax declaration documents.  In a side by side comparison of the tax declaration of FHI and the tax declaration of Sumndad, questions were raised specifically on the authenticity of the signature of Provincial Assessor Kokoy B. Soguilon. “The signature is definitely different and that there is an absence that it went through the process of validation as there are no other signatures present. Alam niyo po, sa gobyerno may mga initials yan dapat ng mga taong nag review. Yung Tax Declaration nila, sobrang linis na hindi man lamang ata dumaan sa mga ibang office!” She noted that this was highly unusual.

The Quezon City Judge has ordered Friday’s Holdings Inc. to present the original certified true copy of the said Real Property Tax Declaration to prove their interest in the auction being held at Quezon City.

Sumndad further elaborated that their family have been the owners of the property which she inherited from her parents.  Way back in the the 1980’s she recounts that her parents went into a 25 year long term lease with William Lutrell, an Australian, who established and built Friday’s Boracay Beach Resort and made it famous world wide. Everything was ok with Lutrell, until he was murdered and Panlilio came in out of the blue. When the lease ended in February 14, 2014, Sumndad said they took the portion of the property which remains legally theirs.

There are several cases that are still pending against Sumndad according to her.  The most blatant was the Makati RTC Branch 132 decision penned by “Ma’am Arlene” Judge Rommel O. Baybay issuing a Writ of Execution in favor of Panlilio led Boulevard Holdings Inc., the mother corporation of FHI.  Fortunately this was stopped by the Court of Appeals and ordered all agents of the government not to implement the said order.  The Court of Appeals ordered the Regional Trial Court of Makati to re try the case because of the inconsistencies and the fact that the decision may injure the rights of Sumndad as a primary party in interest. The case is currently ongoing at the Makati RTC 146.

In March of 2015, BHI forcefully invaded the property of Sumndad which they were contesting as theirs using a massive number of police headed by a certain Sherrif Nanit of the Aklan Courts. This was largely based on the Makati decision and their forum shopping in Aklan Courts.  “They were pressured by BHI to conduct the illegal operation without any BREAK in ORDER from the relevant Courts.  Also, BHI did not tell the Aklan Courts that there was an existing order from the Court of Appeals on the matter!”

Sumndad ended by saying, “While we do not possess the property right now, we remain the true and legal owners of the said property and this should be known by the investors of BHI/FHI. Possession is not Ownership!”

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