Davao Blast kills 10


Chaos gripped the city of Davao as an explosion rocked the city night market in Roxas Ave. According to a statement released by the City of Davao, the explosion came from a SPA operating nearby.  The night market is a popular venue specially during weekends for residents and students from the nearby Ateneo Campus. Ten people where immediately killed by the blast with scores injured and wounded.

Emergency response units were immediately on the scene to assist the injured and rush them to several hospitals across the city.

Authorities are still determining the blast cause and actual source as some witnesses indicated that a second blast was also heard after the first one.  Speculation is rife that the blast was a terrorist retaliation for the hightened war against drugs or resulting from President Duterte’s all out war order against the Abu Sayaff.

Security measures have been set in place as the President declared a state of lawlessness nationwide where the Armed Forces and the Police have been tasked to increase visibility and conduct checkpoints all across the nation.

The President in an interview with media dispelled reports that he is declaring martial law.  He clarified that it is just a state of emergency where he will be able to “run the country according to his style”. Some opposition lawmakers have stated that some elements would want Martial Law to be implemented in the country and this event is just a pretext to such a situation.

On the other hand, the President assured the nation that Davao is safe and the investigation is ongoing as to the cause of the blast.  In the meantime, Davao has been put on the highest alert levels ever since Duterte came to power.

This breaking news is by NEWSMEPH and has been verified.




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