Gordon, Red Cross to help Manalo siblings

Manila, Philippines – In a radio interview on a popular radio program on DZRH, Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon said that the Red Cross will help the Manalo siblings at the Tandang Sora compound in Quezon City.

Asked about the letter of Felix Nathaniel Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo Hemedez seeking Philippine Red Cross humanitarian assistance, Gordon initially replied that he did not receive the letters sent to both his Senate Office and the Chairman’s office at the Red Cross in Mandaluyong City.

Upon further pressing by Milky Rigonan and News Anchor Joe Taruc about what help Gordon can provide, he said the matter should be referred to the DSWD as an added solution. He however relented and committed by saying at the end of the interview that the Red Cross will assist the Manalo sibllings on humanitarian grounds. “Tutulungan natin kahit kailangan mapasok tutulungan natin” was his parting statement.

Gordon who has been a known champion of citizen’s rights and disaster relief is a staunch advocate of human rights. He sits as Chairman of the powerful Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the the Senate Justice Committee that has been looking into the extra judicial killings and alleged rub out of Albuerra Leyte Mayor Espinosa.

Richard Gordon during his Presidential Bid wearing the red color of Red Cross

Richard Gordon during his Presidential Bid wearing the red color of Red Cross

During the last election, Gordon was also supported by the powerful Philippine Church Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) who have been known for their block voting during elections.

Supporters of Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo Hemedez were elated upon hearing the news report. However some had their reservations as to whether Gordon and the Red Cross would act immediately given the hesitance the Red Cross Chairman showed in the interview. They said: “Kung ang CHR (Commission on Human Rights) walang magawa, ano pa kaya ang Red Cross? Baka may utang na loob si Chairman sa Iglesia Ni Cristo, kaya di basta gumagalaw! Ang pagkakilala namin kay Gordon ay mabilis siya umaksyon at fair sa lahat!”

They called for impartiality in the matter and called on the Red Cross to act on its sworn mandate to help those who are in humanitarian crisis.

Currently the Manalo siblings have been walled in at the 36 Tandang Sora Compound. The Iglesia Ni Cristo has yet to make a statement.

This news has been verified by Newsmeph:

Gordon nangako ng tulong
sa magkapatid na Manalo





Click link below: Gordon interview DZRH Joe Taruc and Milky Rigonan




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