PAO dengue analysis a mistake – Sec Duque

A nine year old patient shown by the Public Attorney’s Office as being delirious in TV during the height of the Dengvaxia investigations was instead found to have been protected by the vaccine.

According to DOH Secretary Duque in his hospital visit to Ospital ng Maynila where the patient was confined, they found the patient to be “Negative for the NS1 antigen, which is the marker for dengue infection.  However, positive for IGM and IGG, which only means that the vaccine has induced a protective anti-body response or production.”

This contrary to the persistent, wild and much publicized claims of PAO Chief Persida Acosta. Dr. John Arnel Amata, PAO pathologist consultant from the Ospital ng Maynila, last Feb 28 said that pronouncements of PAO should be very careful because viral diseases overlap and may cause bleeding, not all cases can be linked to Dengvaxia.  This was confirmed by the statement of their medico-legal Erwin Erfe who said all their findings remain inconclusive.

DOJ Secretary Aguirre in a previous statement also said that the statements coming from the PAO Medico-Legal should not be believed because it is not coming from an expert. “Erfe is not a pathologist, he is not an expert! We will get a foreign expert to help the government.”

In a March 6, TV-Radio interview, Acosta countered that the PAO already has experts.  She also claimed that experts are no longer needed in the case based on their own findings in direct contravention to the wishes of Secretary Aguirre which she uses as her mandate for conducting the PAO investigations.

Some sectors have claimed that the PAO Chief is using the investigations to increase her chances in a possible Senatorial Bid. Others called for the medical investigations be left with the DOH-PGH panel of experts. Questions on the PAO investigations have also been aired on why the PAO has been concentrating its efforts on destroying former Secretary Garin and current Secretary Duque, when the PAO has been quiet about former Secretary Ubial who was responsible for administering the most number of doses of Dengvaxia under her expanded immunization program which saw it being implemented at the barangay level and in areas outside the initial pilot areas.

The current statement of DOH Secretary Duque coincides with the statement of foremost Philippine pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortune who said: “The PAO investigation is wrong because PAO has already made a conclusion, and they are getting evidence to support their conclusion.”

This news has been verified by NewsmePh


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